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In the old town
A few minutes’ walk from the hotel you can visit:

* 1 min, Piazza Stazione
* 2 min, Mercato di San Lorenzo
* 10 min, Duomo di Firenze e Campanile di Giotto
* 10 min, Via Calzaiuoli
* 15 min, Ponte Vecchio
* 15 min, Fortezza Da Basso

Just one hour far from the hotel
Visit the most beautiful places in Tuscany

rom the strategic position of Sempione Hotel it is possible to reach in a short time the most important cities of Tuscany, by car or by public transportation.

Siena | Pisa | Monteriggioni | San Gimignano | Arezzo | Outlet Barberino | Valdichiana Outlet Village


- By train: 1 hour and a half, about 6€
- By car: 1 hour and 15 minutes
- By coach: 1 hour and 20 minutes, Sita Bus, about 6€

The city is universally acknowledged for its artistic heritage and for the style of its medieval urban environment, as well as for its famous palio.
Piazza del Campo, is the historical main square of the city of Siena. Unique for its characteristic and original shell-shape, it is world-renowned for its beauty and architecture and for the two Palios that take place there two times a year. The Palazzo Comunale of Siena (also called Palazzo Pubblico) is the town hall built by the government, the Governo dei Nove della Repubblica di Siena, between 1298 and 1310, as its own seat. It stands in Piazza del Campo side by side the Torre del Mangia.
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- By train: 1 hour, about 6€
- By car: 1 hour and 15 minutes
- By coach: 1 hour and 10 minutes, about 10€

One of the most important monuments of the city, located in the famous piazza del Duomo and declared Patrimonio dell’Umanità, is the marble Cathedral, built between 1063 and 1118 in Romanesque - Pisano style. The Cathedral is decorated with the Bonanno Pisano’s bronze portal of San Ranieri and the Giovanni Pisano’s pulpit. In the square stands out the picturesque Leaning Tower, a bell tower of the XII century 56 meters tall. It got its characteristic slope ten years after the beginning of its construction. Today the tower is one of the most famous Italian monuments.
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- By train: 1 hour and a half, about 6€
- By car: about 1 hour (highway), 1 hour and a half (state highway)
- By coach: 1 hour and 10 minutes, about 3€

The Castle of Monteriggioni was built by the inhabitants of Siena between 1214 and 1219, by order of podestà Guelfo da Porcari. The land was bought by the noble family Da Staggia and it was the seat of an ancient Longobard farm (the denomination Montis Regis probably meant an estate of royal property or that had tax exemption from the crown).
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San Gimignano

- By train: 1 hour, about 5€
- By car: 1 hour and 10 minutes
- By coach: 1 hour and 45 minutes, Sita Bus, about 6€

San Gimignano is famous above all for its sixteen medieval towers that stand out on its landscape and because of them the small town it is now called the “Medieval Manhattan”.
During 1600 there were in San Gimignano two Academies: the Academy of the Scolari and of the Comici Risvegliati. These academies organized operas, comedies, concerts, parties and receptions. In the XVII century the two Academies merged and they became the Academy of the aristocratic, that gained the construction of a theater for the town.
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- By train: 50 minutes, about 6€
- By car: 1 hour
- By coach: about 2 hours, 2€

City of ancient origin, it was an important Etruscan and Roman centre, seat of the Christian diocese since the IV century. The city was occupied by Longobards at the end of the VI century and it had been strongly influenced by this population.
The old town of the city still has the charm of its renowned past and the main monuments, such as the Cathedral and the Basilicas are enriched with works of great medieval and Renaissance artists: Cimabue, Piero della Francesca, Andrea della Robbia and Giorgio Vasari.
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Outlet di Barberino

- By car: 35 minutes
- By coach: Shuttle service – 40 minutes, adults 12€

Half a hour far from Florence and less than one hour far from Bologna, the outlet is situated in the naturalistic environment of the Sieve’s Valley. It has been designed as a real Renaissance village where you will have the chance to shop in peace and quiet. The outlet offers more than 100 famous brands’ stores of clothes, shoes, sport and accessories.
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Valdichiana Outlet Village

- By train: 50 minutes, about 6€
- By car: 1 hour and 10 minutes
- By coach: Shuttle service from Arezzo’s railway station

This outlet village for shopping lovers is a centre entirely devoted to fashion where you can find the collections of the most glamorous brands at special prices that will make you save up to the 70% on the prices of the other stores. It is a new way to think about fashion and saving thanks to the 140 stores where you can spend your time in the very first village devoted to brands and have the chance to shop 7 days a week.
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